Consultation / Professional Training

Consultations and Professional Trainings are available to professional organizations, including special purpose programs, public and private school systems, vocational rehabilitation programs, places of employment and parent groups that seek a deeper understanding of the learning profile of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Social Anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as those who may be undiagnosed but experience social interaction and executive function challenges.

For most people, social and flexible interactive thinking is an intuitive and effortless process. Within seconds, most of us can process the meaning in and behind the messages communicated by others.  Successful social thinkers can almost immediately consider the points of view, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, body language and non-verbal social cues of others and know how to respond to them appropriately. Social Cognition refers to the ability to observe other people, pay attention to their body language, words and facial expression and make informed guesses as to what they are thinking and feeling and what their intentions might be.  These skills rely on strong executive function skills that include situational awareness and attention, visual and auditory processing, working memory, the ability to get the “gist” of a situation, self-regulation, delay of gratification, and use episodic forethought to preplan and persist through a plan.

Lucia Reardon MA, CCC-SLP presents an overview of Executive Functions and how this complicated set of cognitive processes supports and facilitates social cognition and adaptive social behavior in both structured academic settings and unstructured situations at both home and school. Ms. Reardon helps managers, teachers, parents, co-workers and staff identify, understand and successfully interact with those who are challenged with a social learning disability and/or executive dysfunction.  For parent groups and school systems, she explains how social thinking and executive function challenges affect and impact children’s academic performance. She provides insight, instruction, techniques and tools for parents and teachers to help them build and strengthen academic, social interaction, executive function and communication skills in their children and students. These competencies cultivate independence, improve academic performance and deepen communication and give the child/student the skills and confidence to advance in all areas of life.

The fee schedule is determined by the type of service the organization requests (e.g., consultation, in-staff training, full day conference) and its location (travel time).  If interested to learn more, please contact Ms. Reardon directly via email at