Social and executive functioning deficits are often viewed by families, professionals and school staff as volitional behavioral issues, rather than lagging cognitive skills.  Avoidant, non-compliant, and/or disorganized behaviors can be the result of deficits or difficulty with attentiveness, working memory and processing speed and episodic forethought. It is important to know that Executive functioning is not correlated with Intellectual Quotients; many clients often have strong language skills or exceptional academic abilities.

Lucia Reardon Speech Pathology, LLC offers speech and language evaluations that assess receptive and expressive language skills, pragmatic language abilities, social cognition and executive function.  We carefully and thoughtfully combine in-depth, thorough client histories with standardized test measures. We use dynamic informal assessment procedures, which help to ascertain a client’s true level of social and executive functioning in natural situations. Client records are carefully reviewed and, when requested, other professionals or individuals are contacted who can provide additional information to fully inform the client’s profile and functioning in natural settings.

At Lucia Reardon Speech Language Pathology, LLC, each client is assessed as a unique individual. Both strengths and weaknesses are identified as part of an overall language and communication profile. Thoughtful recommendations are provided, to include strategies, services, cognitive concepts and prompts, technology, games, books, videos and more, which the client and family can follow and share with other professionals to develop the most appropriate and successful treatment path.