Brooke and I are thrilled to report that we are co-clinical directors for a new therapeutic camp for tweens and teens who struggle with executive function and social cognition.  The camp, Camp Alsing, is the brainchild of Dr. Matthew Siegel and Emily Chaleff.  They had long wanted to create a camp where kids who sometimes have trouble connecting could learn those skills and others while having a ball and creating memories for a lifetime.  The camp is located in Rome, Maine.  It is a beautiful spot with newly renovated cabins on North Pond.  The facilities include amazing water sports like canoeing and pontoon boats, there is pizza oven, onsite staff for archery,  arts and crafts, improv, nature programs, and camping as well as miles of trails for hiking.  Brooke and I will bring our clinical expertise to support growth in situational intelligence, self-awareness, self regulation, social problem solving,  self esteem, and social interaction all in the context of a typical fun filled camp experience.

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More summer news includes Colleen Ingersoll, M. Ed, BCBA, continuing with her summer tradition of running week long social cognitive intensives for small groups.  Please feel free to email me for specific dates.
Finally, Brooke White, my friend and colleague will be moving back to Montana to have her second baby.  I will miss her expertise, her collaboration, and her presence in the clinic but wish her and her family well as they readjust to life out west after so many years.  I am actively interviewing those special clinicians who understand social cognition and the important role executive function plays in social interaction for contracted part-time positions in the fall!

Have a wonderful start to your summer and I will update soon!  Lucia